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Table 2 Results from one-SNP analysis.

From: NPAS2 and PER2 are linked to risk factors of the metabolic syndrome

Variable Gene SNP P-value P-value corrected for multiple testing Beta-coefficient 95% CI
Fasting blood glucose level (Logarithmic) a Per2 #10870 0.002 0.049 -0.010 -0.016–-0.035
Variable Gene SNP P-value P-value corrected for multiple testing Odds ratio 95% CI
High blood pressure b Npas2 rs11541353 0.001 0.02 0.54 0.37–0.79
High blood pressure or hypertension medication c Npas2 rs11541353 <0.001 0.015 0.53 0.36–0.77
  1. Single SNPs were analyzed using linear regression for continuous variables and logistic regression for dichotomous variables. Betacoefficients were calculated for continuous variables, odds ratios for dichotomous variables. The sex and age were controlled for these analyses. P-values corrected for multiple testing were calculated.
  2. a) The concentrations of blood glucose (mmol/L) after fasting at least 4 hours and without drinking on the same day. The variable was log-transformed to obtain the normal distribution.
  3. b) The blood pressure was defined high when systolic pressure was 140 mmHg or higher or diastolic pressure was 90 mmHg or higher.
  4. c) High blood pressure (b) or treatment for previously diagnosed hypertension.