5) had significantly (p < 0.04) lower evening melatonin levels compared to patients with less severe insufficiency (Child-Pugh score = 5). Chronotypology analysis revealed Morning Type pattern in 88% of cirrhosis patients. Discussion The presence of abnormal plasma melatonin levels before the onset of clinical hepatic encephalopathy, and the finding that patients with more severe cirrhosis have lower evening melatonin levels are the most important findings of this study. Despite these melatonin abnormalities, chronotypology revealed Morning Type pattern in 23 of 26 cirrhosis patients. We believe these findings are important and deserve further study. Conclusion Melatonin abnormalities occur in cirrhosis patients without clinical encephalopathy, are related to liver insufficiency severity, may influence chronotypology patterns, and certainly deserve further investigation."/>
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Figure 1 | Journal of Circadian Rhythms